Spa Moisturizing Gel Socks For Dry Feet And Ankles - Helps Repair Cracked Skincare Gel Therapy And Softens Feet (1 Pair)

GET SILKY SOFT FEET and HEELS and HANDS Repair Your Sore Cracked Heels and Hands the Easy Way. Say “No More” to Ugly Cranking or Painful Feet. Keep Your Feet Looking Youthful, Soft and Beautiful So You Can Wear Sandals, Open Toe Shoes or Go Barefoot Again Without the Embarrassment.
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  • LOTION INFUSED TECHNOLOGY Deep Intense Moisturizer That Will Soothe Your Aching Heels and Hands with a Rich Blend of Vitamin E, Minerals and Oils Plus Gel Padded Cushion to Reduce Pain and Care for Your Skin at the Same Time
  • Helps to moisturiser and soften your feetReduces cracked heelWashableReusableGel softens feet to prevent the build up of Hard skin

  • Usage: use together with a moisturizer to create better effect. Wear at least 3 times each week. Daily use recommended